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Our Mission

Providing foundations to create positive, lasting change.

​How We Began


In the fall of 2009, when the recession hit hard I watched companies shutter, cut staff and budgets too, but they all needed to generate revenue to stay afloat. The question was how? After all- what could an organization do differently, especially with when budgets were tight, to increase sales without discounting?

As a former sales manager it amazed me how many established organizations would collect low-hanging fruit while nonsensically churning sales staffs and dropping prices as a strategic plan for long term success. Generating real revenue is a calculated, timed, strategic approach lead by marketing via research.


So you know your products and services are better, but does your audience? And if they do, why aren't they buying?

These were the questions I had experience answering and felt inspired to help others answer, while generating a positive buzz around the workplace to instill positive, lasting change.

With a combined 10 years experience on both the agency and client sides in advertising, marketing and business development, in start-ups and flailing businesses, it only seemed natural to assert myself to offer actionable insights and tactical assistance. After all I now had time after assisting in the sale of my former company and had way too much purpose, drive and insight to simply take another job.


Knowing every good strategy begins with a plan and the solutions were mostly since digital, Planswork Digital was born.

Where We Help You

Building brand trust, instilling confidence in staff, cutting expenses, shortening sales cycles and automating the tedious stuff is where we excel.

Paralysis through analysis, protecting proprietary ideas and injecting lots of trendy new nouns is so five years ago. Theoretical explanations, insights and plans is the way we do business.

We create positive exposure quickly through connected digital strategies while enabling data collection for future marketing endeavors.

Step by step, we’ll ensure your identity is consistent, your content is relevant, your website is found, your reputation is solid and your traffic is tracked.

Conversation is the key as no one has the monopoly on all the good ideas. Stakeholders need to be heard and their thoughts explored. ​

Let’s drive business performance together.



Brooke Todd - Principal | Marketing Consultant


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